Biaxial/SPT5325LV-320/25kg/Controllable 300°/SPT Servo/Large torque/Large angle/Metal gear/Digital servo.

 Adaptive Range Robotics, industrial automation, science and education, control distance and angle, etc.
SPT5325LV-320---------------Parameter Update Date:2021/6/7
 Brand:  SPT Servo  Potentiometer:  Mechanics
 Motor:  Core  Voltage Range:  4.8V/6.0V
 Neutral Point:  1500μs  Signal Frequency:  330Hz
 PWM Voltage:  3.3V-5.0V  PWM Voltage:  3.3V-5.0V
 Feedback Angle:  Yes  Operating Temperature:  -10℃-50℃
 Cycle:  20ms  Dead band:  4μs
 Default Direction:  CCW  Yes / no Lock:  Lock
 Remote control Angle:  150°  500-2500μs Angle:  300° / PWM
 Quiescent Current:  50mAh  Rated Current:  1.2A
 Blocking Current:  2.5A  Weight / Dimensions:  57g / 40.5*20*40.5mm
 Output Gear:  Futaba 25T  Gear Material:  All Metal Gear
 Shell Material:  Half Aluminum Shell  Bearing:  2BB
 Connector Wire Length:  260MM  line Definition:  Brown-/Red+/Orange s
 Operating Speed:
 4.8V/0.22''/60°  6.0V/0.18''/60°  /
 Stall Torque:
 4.8V/  6.0V/  /

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